Weekend Bag

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  • Spacious and stylish bag perfect for shopping or a small weekend trip
  • Easy to attach and detach to the rollator
  • Made out of wear and weather resistant material + easy to clean
  • Hooks on the side to add an adjustable shoulder strap
  • Foldable - for easy storage when not in use

Going on a small adventure? Or out shopping? The Weekend bag is the ideal accessory for any event that requires something stylish and spacious to store your necessities in.

It opens with a zipper and offers a great overview of your belongings. It has a large room with an elegant lining and a smaller pocket so you can organize the smaller objects.

Effortless attachment and detachment to the rollator with the hooks on side and the elastic at the back, which attaches to the cross of the rollator to keep the bag firmly in place.

TIP! You can attach a shoulder strap to the hooks on the bag so you have the opportunity to carry the bag without the rollator.

The wear and weather resistant polyester material will keep your bag looking stylish and clean, especially with the beautiful grey melange color that prevents visible stains. The bag is also practical to fold when not in use and easy to wash with just a wet cloth. 

Can be used for both the Carbon Overland and Carbon Ultralight Rollator (all sizes)

More Information
Length38 cm
Width17 cm
Height35 cm
Volume12 litres
Load capacity5 kg
Weight0.40 kg