Nordic Pioneer

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An eco-friendly and durable companion for all everyday activities.


  • A next-generation rollator made from eco-friendly materials
  • Very light at only 5,9 kg
  • Bump-proof EPP frame that is ready for any encounter
  • Large, low-friction wheels that handle most terrain very well and ensure a smooth ride
  • Folds up with a gentle lift in the seat for easy transport and storage
  • Forward-facing ergonomic handles that promote good posture
  • Built to last – We’ve used the best materials on the market
  • Comes fully assembled and ready to use - Simply unbox, unfold, click, and go
  • Mesh bag and elastic travel lock included

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More Information
Weight5.90 kg
Max user weight100 kg
Length69 cm
Width65,5 cm
Width folded24 cm
Seat width47 cm
Seat height61,5 cm
Handle Height84 - 94 cm
Width between handles43 - 43,5 cm
Grip to brake6,2 cm
WheelsPuncture-proof PUR/rubber wheels with 22,5 cm diameter and 4 cm width
MaterialBump-proof EPP frame and recycled high-quality aluminum
BoxW: 27 cm x H: 88 cm x L: 75 cm - 8,4 kg
What's in the box

This is the next-generation rollator walker! Why so?

Not only does the Nordic Pioneer include all the classic benefits of a byACRE rollator walker. It also stands out with its bump-proof, shock-absorbing, and interchangeable frame, large, low-friction tires, and eco-friendly materials.

Making it perfect for outdoor use, and it can be used indoors as well.

The Nordic Pioneer

✓ Lightweight at only 5,9 kg

✓ Bump-proof EPP & strong aluminum frame

✓ Large, low-friction wheels for a smooth ride on different terrain

✓ Easy to fold with seat

✓ Forward-facing ergonomic handles for good posture

✓ Comes fully assembled - simply unbox, unfold, click, and go

Nordic Pioneer rollator walker in granite blackNordic Pioneer rollator walker in granite black

Keeping it lightweight

Easy lifting of rollator walker in and out of carEasy lifting of rollator walker in and out of car

Take a ride

The lightweight of the Nordic Pioneer is evenly balanced throughout the aluminum rollator walker to facilitate easier lifts such as in and out of your car.

Even public transport won't be a problem anymore. You are able to lift the Nordic Pioneer up the steps or over the gap and into the train or bus with ease.

Comfortable walk with rollatorComfortable walk with rollator

Long walks

Walking with a rollator to enjoy the park, the forest, or a stroll around town can sometimes be exhausting.

Less strength is required when handling and maneuvering your Nordic Pioneer because of its light weight of 5,9 kg.

You feel less exhausted even when your walk takes longer than expected. 

Versatile rollator walker for different terrainVersatile rollator walker for different terrain


Experience more freedom in the things you want to do.

Due to the lightweight of the Nordic Pioneer, you're able to conserve your strength when facing different terrain.

Whether the surface is smooth, slippery, sandy, bumpy, or inclined - there is no need for excessive pulling and pushing of the rollator walker anymore.

Lightweight rollator walkerLightweight rollator walker

Out and about

We can't stress it often enough: lightweight is the key to an active and versatile life.

You will often encounter crowded spaces, different surfaces, and hurdles along your way. In these situations, you should be able to maneuver and lift your aluminum rollator walker with minimum effort and less stress.

Like it is with the Nordic Pioneer!

Fits everywhere - just fold it

Sometimes a rollator walker can be a bit impractical, don't you think? The Nordic Pioneer has you covered!

Like its friends, you can easily fold it in just a few seconds. Simply lift the seat and push it back down to unfold it.

Storing it in the car? No problem! Carrying it up the stairs? Absolutely! Tight spaces? Don't worry about it!

Developed with & approved by physiotherapists

Upright posture while walking with rollatorUpright posture while walking with rollator

Upright posture

The soft, forward-facing handles allow you to be close to the rollator, supporting a straightened back and minimizing the pressure on your shoulders, neck, and back.

With an upright posture, you lessen the strain on your body.

Adjustable handles of rollator walkerAdjustable handles of rollator walker

Adjustable handles

You can quickly adjust the handle heights with an easy-to-push button. With four height settings, it can reach from 84 to 94 cm.

Simply push, adjust, listen to the click, and you're ready to go!

Rollator walker on sandy terrainRollator walker on sandy terrain


While large, soft PUR tires catch the effect of different surfaces, the frame absorbs any bump-ins due to its multi-impact resistance.

There will be no discomfort anymore along your walk.

The Nordic Pioneer at its best

Bump-proof EPP rollator frameBump-proof EPP rollator frame

A bump-proof frame

That's how we'd like our frame! We know those little bump-ins happen. That's why, we chose a new, cool material:

EPP is an ultra-durable, multi-impact resistant material to keep your rollator scratch-free as well as absorb the shock of bump-ins.

Eco-friendly rollator walkerEco-friendly rollator walker

Our most eco-friendly

We explored new alternatives to make the Nordic Pioneer fully recyclable by using:

A highly durable EPP and aluminum, with low CO2-produced recycled material, and an innovative, interchangeable outer frame prolonging the rollator's lifetime.

Rollator walker large tiresRollator walker large tires

Tires for different terrain

The puncture-proof tires make the Nordic Pioneer a versatile all-rounder for diverse terrain - whether it's bumpy, wet, smooth, or your regular street.

With excellent traction and being puncture-proof, you're in for a smooth walk.

Nordic Pioneer rollator walker side profileNordic Pioneer rollator walker side profile

Mesmerizing design

The structured, wavy frame design and eye-catching colors let the Nordic Pioneer stand out from the crowd.

With its bold, unique colors and almost opalescent, shimmering surface, get ready to be mesmerized!

Outdoor rollator with indoor benefits

Rollator walker outdoorsRollator walker outdoors

Great for outdoors...

The Nordic Pioneer takes you from the cobblestones of the city center to the gravel path in the park and into the forest. Its shock-absorbing qualities master uneven terrains with ease.

The only thing left to do for you is to enjoy it.

Rollator walker indoorsRollator walker indoors

... and indoors

Don't worry about bumping into furniture or doorframes. The different surfaces and doorsills at home are no problem for the large, soft PUR tires.

And if you need more space, simply fold the rollator walker.